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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the crates refundable?

Unfortunately, Raider Crates are nonrefundable.  Raider Crate is the student fundraising arm of the Seneca Valley Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging excellence and innovation in the Seneca Valley Schools.  If the contents of a particular Raider Crate don't meet your needs, you're still helping to support all of the great work the Seneca Valley Foundation achieves.

What is a Raider Crate worth?

While an exact price can't be put on the valuable experience our crate brings you, we place a high priority on ensuring the collective value of the contents is worth more than the cost of the crate!  

What is the benefit of ordering a Raider Crate versus buying SV merchandise?

Since we get great deals buying in bulk, any SV Gear you get in a Raider Crate will be an unbeatable value!  Plus, you'll sometimes receive exclusive, custom order gear that you won't be able to buy anywhere else!

How often will a Crate be released?

Five Raider Crates will be released throughout the school year.  Part of the excitement of being a Raider Crate subscriber is the surprise on Drop Day, so we while it's a secret when each crate will drop, you can expect your first Raider Crate to arrive in late October.

When and how will they be delivered?

Each Raider Crate is delivered on mystery Drop Days throughout the year. Raider Crates are delivered to first period classes and during lunch periods.

If you are not in school on a Drop Day, no worries! We will recollect your crate from your first period teacher and keep it safe in our storage room. We will then send you more information on how you can retrieve your crate upon returning to school!

What if I am absent on Drop Day?

What is in a Raider Crate?

In a Raider Crate you will find merchandise such as clothing, food, and other fun items to bring joy to your day.

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