Frequently Asked Questions

Are the crates refundable?

Unfortunately, Raider Crates are nonrefundable.

What is each crate worth?

While an exact price can't be put on the valuable experience our crate brings you, the contents, if bought individually, would be worth more than the $15 you pay!

What is the benefit of ordering a Crate versus buying SV merchandise?

In a Raider Crate, any SV Gear you get will be a better value for your dollar!  Plus, it may even be exclusive!

When are they available for order?

Our crates are usually spaced a month or two apart. Make sure to keep up with our announcements on our website and our Instagram (@raidercrate) for any updates!  Or subscribe to our email list and you will be the first to know!

How often will a Crate be released?

Orders usually start for our crates a month or two after our last drop.  There is a method to our madness, but the best way to stay updated is to follow us on instagram or subscribe to our email list!

When and how will they be delivered?

Each crate will be delivered within a few weeks of purchasing. The crate is given to our customers on a mystery Drop Day. The crates are delivered to your first period class, lunch period, or to your house if learning remotely.

What if I am absent on Drop Day?

If you are not in school on the day we deliver the Crates, no worries! We will recollect your crate from your first period teacher and keep it safe in our storage room. We will then send you more information on how you can retrieve your crate upon returning to school!

What are you doing to keep us safe during COVID-19?

We recognize that the current pandemic is a concern for our customers and employees. That is why we are taking whatever precautions we see necessary and following CDC Guidelines in order to keep everyone safe. Some examples of these precautions include, but are not limited to: masks for all employees at all times and limitations on the number of employees involved in the packing/assembling process of our Crates.


What is in a Raider Crate?

In a Raider Crate you will find student essentials, local experiences, and other items, such as clothing, food, and fun items to bring you and your peers together.

Can I purchase a crate if I am not attending school in person? 

Of course! We will find a way to get you your crate in a safe and convenient way.