Sponsor a Graduation Crate

This year, Raider Crate wants to improve graduation by getting every senior a crate sponsored by their friends, family, community, and teachers. Then, we are putting all of our profits towards improving the graduation experience this year!  YOU can help by sponsoring crates, and with every one you sponsor you can add a message to a specific senior's crate!  Check out the common questions below, or sponsor a crate right away!

Remaining Crates to be Sponsored:


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Common Questions

Do I sponsor a crate for a specific senior?

Since every crate will be the same (or have the same chance of getting exclusive extras), sponsoring crates isn't about getting one for a specific student.  Instead, you are contributing the funds for more crates, bringing us closer to giving all 597 graduating students a crate.  You can optionally specify a message to give to a senior of your choosing with each crate you sponsor, and there are no limits on how many messages you can give or how many a senior gets!

What is a Raider Crate, and what's inside it?

Raider Crate is a student-run business that sells crates full of fun items, exclusive coupons, and invitations to community events.  All the crates in one release are the same, with some variation for limited items, such as a pass to the Raider Crate parking spot or limited coupons.  This Raider Crate is different than others, because we are asking the community to sponsor them for the SVSD class of 2021 instead of buying them for themselves.  Due to the large scale, the buying power for each crate will be much higher, giving us the opportunity to make this our highest value crate yet!


How will you be improving the graduation experience?


While we want to keep plans a surprise, we can tell you that last year funds were used to do things such as hiring a professional photographer, sponsoring yard signs, and getting a large banner for the event.  This year with the addition of Raider Crate, SV will have the funds to go above and beyond!

How can I help make sure every crate is sponsored?

Anyone can sponsor a crate, and you can sponsor as many as you would like!  Just head to the shop and add as many as you would like to your cart.  If you want to add a note for every crate, make sure to add each one separately! Additionally, please tell anyone you think would like to sponsor a crate, and share this on social media!

How can I make sure my senior gets one?

Our goal is to get every senior a sponsored crate, so if you want to make sure your senior gets one, help us reach our goal by sponsoring crates!  You can leave a message that will be put in your senior's crate, and your sponsorship will bring us one crate closer to getting all 597 seniors sponsored!  Additionally, please tell anyone you think would like to sponsor a crate, and share this on social media!

I want to help, but someone has already sponsored a crate with a message to my seniorWhat can I do?


There is no limit to how many messages a senior can get in their crate!  With every crate you sponsor you can leave another message for a senior, and you will help us get more seniors a crate!  To help even more, please tell anyone you think would like to sponsor a crate, and share this on social media!

Can I get my business's items into this crate?

We are always looking for ways to improve our crates and partner with local businesses!  Please reach out to BL.raidercrate@gmail.com